Starlight and Echo – A Reincarnation Comparison

Is Reincarnation Real?

For a few, no proof is viable.

For others, a “understanding” is all they want.

In 2005, my horse pal, Echo, prolonged some of her attention right into a kitten frame.

She advised me in advance of time that she become coming to be a cat with me.

On the day the kitten become born, she introduced herself telepathically to the Siamese breeder, announcing, “Echo. I come.”

That equal morning, I heard Echo say to me, “I’m blind.” “Kittens are born with their eyes closed,” I informed her.
“I have feet,” she murmured with curious satisfaction as she wiggled them.

Horses feet are simply a unmarried toe, anatomically speakme.

Echo had instructed me some weeks previous to this that the kitten could be Siamese, woman, and arrive on the same cattery wherein Violet, my different Siamese, have been born.

The breeder become easily able to discover the kitten that turned into Echo. Some pals picked her up for me whilst she became 9 weeks antique.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve delighted in Starlight.

I’ve also determined what I for my part consider to be “evidence” of Echo’s presence as Starlight.

Clearly a cat body and a horse body are unique. Some of the similarities described right here had been adapted for variations in size, structure, and species.

In every example of, I determined the essence of the man or woman.

Starlight arrived along with her decrease returned very tight and a few misalignment simply above the sacrum. This exactly matched an injury Echo had in the last year of her existence that we never completely resolved. It has given that been treated with chiropractic and resolved in Starlight.
Starlight’s hind give up is greater common of an equine shape than a pussycat one. My chiropractic veterinarian pointed this out to me.
Starlight instantly recognized a tune I used to sing to Echo even as I rode her. It turned into “You Are My Shining Star” – that’s, I’m instructed through Echo, where Starlight’s name came from. I hadn’t made the reference to the music until after Starlight changed into already with me. I performed it at some point at the pc even as she became in my palms, and her eyes lit up with recognition.
Echo cherished to jump cavaletti and logs and even skinny branches lying on a path. My TV tables have a bar among the legs that appearance very just like cavaletti, and Starlight, as a small kitten, would run and soar over them just for the fun of it.
Starlight could be very compassionate, candy, and packed with joy, as become Echo. Like Echo, she could be very gentle and loving, and sort, and spiritually superior.
Starlight is very humorous, especially whilst she is gambling. She’s the only cat I’ve ever seen who, like a cartoon individual, can start to run in vicinity before taking off. Echo additionally had a humorousness and appreciated to out-wit me and other people.
Starlight hates war and will depart, in place of combat or stand up for herself. Echo changed into the bottom of the equine pecking order and avoided warfare by using leaving situations wherein they turned into battle. She could deal with any other horse who turned into injured instead of try to pressure them from the herd.
Echo had huge stable toes for a horse her length. Horse’s ft are simply a unmarried toe. Starlight has surprisingly big ft. When she become a kitten, it become very difficult to locate her tiny claws to clip them. They’re easier to discover now, however her ft are nonetheless magnificent for her size.
Echo had big, tender, mild brown eyes. Starlight has massive, soft, blue eyes, with love pouring out of them.
Echo used to shed nearly all 12 months round, which is unusual for horses, who generally simply shed in the spring and the autumn. Starlight also seems to shed all year spherical, which is just as unusual for a cat.
Starlight loves to groom me through licking my hair, similar to one cat grooming some other. Echo used to wiggle her muzzle at the returned of my head and on my hair, as though I were a horse.
Echo turned into a gray horse – a horse born a darker shade who gray’s out. Starlight is a blue-point Siamese, with her essential color being grey. This can be accident, but for the reason that Starlight kept converting colorings for plenty months before selecting this one, I trust she selected it, and the breeder showed that a few kittens do “select” the colour they need to be after attempting out extraordinary Siamese sun shades.
When Echo told me she became coming as Starlight, she said, “now you can deliver me.” One of Starlight’s favorite games is to leap right into a tote bag so I can convey her upstairs from the basement.
When Violet and Sakhara had been alive, Starlight could always let them devour first, even tho’ she had her personal bowl of meals. Echo become the identical way whilst fed with different horses, continually taking the lowest function in the pecking order. Starlight nevertheless does this with Melissa, who is 3 years more youthful than Starlight.
Echo, and horses in fashionable, decide on leaping as much as jumping down. Starlight does not thoughts jumping up on matters, however leaping down is hard for her if she’s more than 3-four feet up, together with at the fridge. And Starlight can slightly even conceive of jumping to heights that Melissa thinks are regular, consisting of 5 ft up or higher, because she cannot imagine how she could get down.
Echo became usually very cautious to position her feet best on solid ground, as horses don’t like unsteady footing.. Starlight, too, is cautious of footing. Unlike most cats who love tender cushions and pillows, she may not step onto some thing that actions around below her feet.
So as you may see, there may be a completely lengthy list of traits that Starlight and Echo share. While this will not represent “evidence” to anybody, to me it is proof that helps my original enjoy, i.E., Echo telling me she changed into coming returned to me as a Siamese cat.

Of route, I don’t need any outside proof in any respect. I can FEEL that they are the identical being. And that is all I want, individually talking.

My horse got here back as a cat, and my internal “fact checking out” center confirms it.

After all, I’m telepathic with animals, and in case you don’t agree with that, nicely, this is your desire. Our experiences and ideals can differ.

I’m now not out to show something right here. I just need to percentage my revel in.


Nedda Wittels, M.A., M.S., is a world famend telepathic Animal Communicator, Light Worker, Certified Emotion Codeâ?¢ Practitioner, Certified Master of Multidimensional Healing, and Teacher. She is to be had for personal periods in Animal Communication and restoration for animals, Her offerings for humans consist of Source Resonance Healingâ?¢, Spiritual Empowerment Coachingâ?¢, Akashic Record Consultations, and Preparation for Surgery sessions. Nedda additionally teaches a selection of teleseries. Contact Nedda at 860-651-5771 or at

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