Age Versus Love Of Horses

You’ve cherished horses all of your life, maybe you probably did a few path riding as a youngster and maybe you had the danger to re-kindle your love of horses later in life. Then the day got here to your past due 50’s you had a the possibility to buy your first horse. Are you to old to take in this stunning, majestic, effective animal?

In my opinion, you are not, I say that because I moved to the united states at 57 and bought my first horse at fifty eight. What did I recall after I turned into deciding on my horse? First I notion of what I was capable of physically, with that during mind I idea I wouldn’t want a horse over 15hh, some thing large than that makes for a larger fall and feasible broken bones.

My 2d consideration become the horses age and temperament, a nice old bombproof horse that I could ease myself returned into driving with. Then there’s breed I wasn’t fussed about breed, in simple terms because as a teen I rode loads of different breeds, and the way calm a horse is, is more approximately how they’re educated and handled not the breed.

I changed into questioning Quarter horse or Standardbred, I leased a Standardbred in my late 30’s and he became very calm however he could be very stubborn. One breed I never considered become a Thoroughbred, I thought this breed can be way over my head and from what I’d seen looking horse racing, my concept changed into a ways too pretty strung for me.

After taking all of the above into attention I commenced seeking out my dream horse, and I observed him. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with a horse I observed in an ad on Facebook. This is in which I started thinking my sanity, this horse is 16.1hh eleven year old off the track thoroughbred, he hadn’t been ridden considering the fact that his racing days and I failed to even know if he was sound.

The reality is I did not care, I fell in love with the pony within the advert and I fell even more in love after I met him. Yeah so he’s a thoroughbred, he wishes re-teaching and as a satisfaction horse he is inexperienced, but so am I. I used to trip feisty horses however I became 16 no longer fifty eight… So I ask myself “What have been you wondering” my solution is I wasn’t thinking, I just knew this boy turned into for me.

So now the subsequent query is am I too green and too antique take on this vast challenge to get my horse sound sufficient to work with and sooner or later trip. If I had no experience with horses at all then possibly it is able to be too large a project for me. If there was no such factor because the internet alternatively it could be too huge a challenge for me. The thing is I believe I can try this and I love and agree with my boy and I realize he loves and trusts me.

Another thing to take into account is fitness, I am now not too unfit however to begin basis I need to step up my fitness which I am working on now. Age is simply a variety of, if you have the passion, the affection and the dedication not anything is impossible. Learn to read your horse and pay attention to him and continually make safety a concern, horses are big powerful animals and are capable of doing us some serious damage, even if accidentally.

Pauline Smith is obsessed with and horses and is madly in love along with her eleven year antique Thoroughbred Nathy.

Pauline is also a proud blogger and owner of http://nathyandi.Com

Pauline ardour for horse and the natural care of horses, is a proud and happy distributor for Paradise Nutrients.

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